Focused competence for more than two decades

Paradatec’s core competence is document analysis. Paradatec’s software provides high performance character recognition. It analyses the content of documents, generates document classification and data extraction.

A tradition of excellence. For more than two decades the Paradatec engineering Team in Braunschweig, Germany invents solutions for automated document classification and data capture from unstructured or free-form documents and brings such to perfection.

Respected as the intelligent market leader in the enterprise content management (ECM) marketplace. Paradatec solutions are highly intelligent, flexible and state of the art. Paradatec delivers the highest performance anywhere at any time in time-critical processes of many industry leaders in the insurance and finance verticals in Europe and the USA.

The Paradatec solutions architecture is designed for the users convenience. Paradatec standardized software PROSAR-AIDA provides artificial intelligence for document analysis. Such processing is combined with a system of rules and standards that reflect the business environment of the customer. No programming, no scripting is required at all for this individual customizing process.  This task is typically performed by the business specialists and not by the IS teams. Easy to handle and convenient to generate.


Extremely scalable: The Paradatec engineering team is proud to deliver advanced OCR technology far more effective and sophisticated than any other available today. The Paradatec solution runs with significantly lower hardware requirements and is proven to perform much faster document analysis than any other tool on the market.