Individual projects with standard software

Our integration partners have excellent knowledge of Paradatec products as well as specific expertise in individual sectors.

With their knowledge of typical work processes and the information requirements of the specialist departments, they build tailor-made solutions for end users.

We are happy to make contact with qualified partners. Contact us.

The partners implement their solutions in customer projects

  • Configuration of the standard software PROSAR-AIDA and PROKEY,
  • addition of individual modules,
  • Embedding into the customer’s system environment using standardized interfaces,
  • Consulting and project management.

Our integration partners

Each integration partner has core competencies and areas of expertise to focus on within their projects:
  • Cenit AG in projects with dedicated document management systems,
  • codecentric AG in projects based on special capture platforms.
  • SCE Consulting & Services GmbH in projects with Inotec scanners,
  • IBM Deutschland GmbH in the past in the field of private health insurance and today in projects for the analysis of large data volumes (Big Data), for which Paradatec provides information from unstructured documents.
  • SINC GmbH in projects of the judiciary of German states.