Content Analytics universally applicable

The Paradatec products are universally applicable for various industries and business processes.

The greatest benefit is in areas with a high volume of written material and the need to evaluate this quickly and specifically.

The integration partners of Paradatec link these possibilities with their expertise to specific work processes and their industry know-how. This creates preconfigured solutions, embedded in the customer’s system environment and individually configured using the customer-specific documents.

Focus on the use of PROSAR-AIDA


Insurance companies use Paradatec software to automate the inbox: cross-departmental, to classify the incoming mail – also cases with multiple classification, for all input channels (mobile devices, emails, paper mail) as well as for extracting special data.

The vast majority of private health insurers in Germany use Paradatec software – as well as an increasing number of public health insurers.

The German judiciary

The judiciary in the German states uses Paradatec software to access the information from land registration files, in order to incorporate them into a database.

Financial service providers

Financial service providers use Paradatec software in the field of real estate financing for automated document separation and data extraction, e.g. to provide risk management systems. This mortgage solution is primarily used in the USA.