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Advanced OCR Technology

Far more effective and sophisticated than any other available today.

At Paradatec, we specialize in automated document classification and data capture from unstructured or free-form documents.

Our highly scalable OCR/ICR technology sets a new standard in the automation of the incoming mail process.

Sorting and capturing critical data from thousands of diverse documents is labor intensive, slow, and expensive.

Addressing these challenges has been our focus for over two decades now. Our long list of client references, high volume installations processing millions of documents per day is testimony to our ongoing success.


Industry leading solutions

For two decades, Paradatec has focused its skills towards delivering the most efficient, accurate, and flexible freeform document classification and data extraction solution available anywhere.

Approach & experience

Our unique approach leverages our proprietary high performance pattern recognition technology; our experience has allowed us to create a proven, stable, reliable, and scalable software solution.


Paradatec products are crucial components of an effective and efficient Enterprise Content Management (ECM) or Document Management Systems (DMS).


We specialize in automated, precise document classification and data capture for industries like insurance, mortgage lending, Financial services industries and judiciary of German states.
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Solutions for automated document processing


You are looking for the best solution for input management, OCR/ICR and automatic document analysis?

Paradatec technology is best fit for  those companies looking to automate classification and data capture  of both structured forms and unstructured documents, in many different industries, e.g. processing of loan folders in banks, notification of claims at insurances, sickness notifications, employee records  – and much more.

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