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It doesn’t matter what type of business you run and if you’re currently using scanned images or unstructured documents. Paradatec’s AI-powered technology empowers you to classify and extract data from structured and unstructured documents in milliseconds, bringing your digital transformation to life.

Document Management

Paradatec’s document management technology brings artificial intelligence to document analysis, using trained processes and rules to read data from any type of document—even scanned images and emails.

Paradatec can also tell when documents need its special optical character recognition (OCR) tools, which use highly developed AI to recognize individual characters of data at unprecedented speed. Best of all, Paradatec’s technology can be used as an in-house solution or potentially in a public or private cloud, so the requirements on your system are kept to a minimum.

With Paradatec, your digital transformation is possible.

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Data Validation

A perfect companion to its document management technology, Paradatec’s data validation solution gathers ambiguous results from data extraction and enables you to correct and complete that data at the touch of a button. The solution is also ergonomically designed for maximum speed when entering or validating data.

Other features include:
• Input suggestions to increase speed and accuracy
• Magnifying glass function for reading specific image sections
• Customized window arrangement for ease of use
• Convenient table correction features

When manual data entry is necessary, Paradatec has the right solution.

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Business Modules

Do you have a unique business need? Paradatec’s solutions can be expanded through individual, industry-specific business modules, so you get the exact results you need.

Business Module RAR

Paradatec’s Business Module RAR eliminates demanding and error-prone business processes by automatically extracting data from legal invoices and other unstructured documents and preparing it for use.

The Business Module RAR integrates seamlessly with your current systems and classifies data according to specific document types, such as complex attorney invoices, letters and faxes. It can even analyze data context, such as fee increases or reductions.

Business Module KOSA

Insurance companies must make fast, accurate decisions on claims, but are constantly hampered by data trapped in complex and unstructured formats, such as motor vehicle damage reports and repair invoices.

Paradatec’s Business Module KOSA gives insurers a stable and reliable solution for extracting technical data from these unique documents, so insurers can settle claims quickly and more cost-effectively.

Additional Modules

Need more help? Our other modules include WritePDF Module, which generates PDF/A files for archiving and browsing records, and the PdRedact Module, which anonymizes certain data. For health insurance uses, our Business Module HIR enables the extraction of numbers of International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems.


At Paradatec, we do more than provide great technology. Our human-centric approach and excellent customer support enables us to quickly step in and support your needs, even on short notice.

Our teams are selected based on their relevant industry expertise and are available to partner with your organization for long- or short-term engagements. Our AI optimization services include:

• Configuring document processing and data extraction technologies
• Installing and integrating input management processes
• Quality assurance testing and analyzing / optimizing document and data
recognition performance
• Process design and system architecture advice
• Product training for customers and partners
• Product maintenance and support

For true document processing expertise, Paradatec delivers.