A Document Automation Leader

Founded in 1988, Paradatec GmbH is an international provider of efficient, accurate and flexible document classification and data extraction technologies and services. Through its engineering team based in Braunschweig, Germany and its partners, Paradatec delivers business-critical applications to clients in the insurance, healthcare and financial services industries as well as the German Judiciary and other public entities.

In the USA, Paradatec is used by 3 of the 10 largest U.S. banks and 4 of the 10 largest mortgage servicers to convert 100% of information trapped in static loan documents into pure, dynamic and actionable data.

Whether it’s applying AI-based document analysis to automate incoming mail or OCR/ICR technology to extract data from structured and unstructured documents, Paradatec empower organizations throughout Europe and the USA to streamline operations with minimal investment, so they can excel.



For more than three decades, Paradatec GmbH has been an international leader in intelligent document analysis and experts at utilizing artificial intelligence for digitalization. By automating the capture of information from any kind of document and managing further processing, Paradatec’s solutions are the ‘engine’ behind high-volume and high-performance document management systems. Throughout Europe and the USA, our track record of project expertise and the excellent performance of our software stands alone.

Steffen Unger
Head of Sales

As tighter budgets and reduced tax revenues place the public sector under increasing pressure to digitize processes, Paradatec’s stable, effective technology has become a proven game changer. Whether it’s helping to process state aid, supporting the German judiciary’s digital land register initiative or processing incoming mail, our products deliver excellent results while requiring minimal technical requirements from our clients. Our flexible price models also help public agencies address their difficult cash situations.

André Intemann
Director of Professional Services

Our clients face enormous challenges, from redesigning processes to offer the best customer experience—especially for Millennials—as well as increasing international competition and completely new digital players. Using the latest AI technology, we help them overcome these challenges and achieve digital transformations by automating the processing of all inbound correspondence efficiently. Our smart AI services and out-of-the-box business modules have been key in providing quick roll-outs, while our agile and iterative project approach assures rapid success.

Our Partners

Paradatec’s integration partners bring expert-level knowledge of Paradatec’s technology and individual core competencies to build customized document management and data validation solutions, as well as provide advice and project management.

Codecentric AG

An expert in agile and individual software developments, codecentric AG has been a thought leader in innovative technologies in Germany for 16 years. It combines its advanced technologies and sophisticated methods for and with its customers from all sectors of the economy - the foundation for a successful digital presence. codecentric is a long-standing partner of Paradatec and has taken on the role of system integrator for numerous successful projects.

IBM Germany

One of the world's largest providers of information technology, IBM has been integrating Paradatec’s software into its solutions for the past 20 years, particularly in its insurance product lines. The company considers Paradatec a “stable, reliable partner for IBM” and its customers.


Founded in 1999, SINC creates innovative, high-quality, and multi-layered IT solutions for public clients at the federal and state levels. Together with Paradatec, SINC is expanding its solutions to include professional input management and the intelligent development of text content for use in federal and state judiciaries.


Founded in 2009, immo-portal-services GmbH digitizes existing processes in the housing industry with its web-based solution, immo-office. immo-office enables all core processes and company-specific processes to be digitally mapped and managed through mobile devices. For the immo-office invoice receipt product, which automates the entire invoice process from receipt to account assignment to payment, the company looked for a partner for the character recognition of documents and found one in Paradatec.


With a broad solutions and services portfolio, CENIT enables clients to optimize their horizontal and vertical business processes. The company’s solutions are based on innovative technologies in product lifecycle management, the digital factory and enterprise information management. Using a holistic approach based on trusted partnerships, CENIT takes responsibility for solutions on behalf of Paradatec’s clients, from initial consultation to the introduction of innovative IT solutions to ensuring a cost-effective operation while adapting its team to the needs of each client.