We enable your digital transformation

Paradatec products are critical components in enterprise content management (ECM) and document management systems (DMS). Structured data is the fuel for digital transformation, and PROSAR-AIDA and PROKEY help you get the relevant data from your documents.

Regardless of whether the documents are scanned, captured by smartphone or “born digital”. Regardless of whether the documents are structured, semistructured or unstructured.

PROSAR-AIDA and PROKEY extend the functional spectrum of capturing software and embed seamlessly into market-leading platforms. They offer an unmatched performance.

Are you looking for the right solution for input management, OCR and automatic analysis of your documents?

Incoming documents in the case of insurance forms, processing of credit records at banks, customer service at telecom operators, in the most streamlined manner possible.  Paradatec technology offers advanced solutions for this and many other applications. These solutions are developed as customized processes from the standard products.


Better automation


Higher accuracy


Unlimited Scalability


Low resource requirements


Outstanding customer service


Faster implementation


PROSAR-AIDA - Semantic Analysis

Recognize / Classify / Separate documents / Extract data

PROSAR-AIDA is “Artificial Intelligence for Document Analysis”.

Thanks to the flexibility of the recognition technology as a combination of trained procedures and rules, information can be extracted from documents of all kinds – from forms to free-form documents, and from scans to emails.

A powerful function in the Paradatec solution is the Optical Character Recognition (OCR). It uses sophisticated artificial intelligence in neural networks to recognize the characters on the documents. PROSAR-AIDA recognizes the need for the use of the OCR function independently. The OCR function is not used for incoming data streams, such as e-mails or PDFs with an embedded text layer.

The unprecedented speed of processing minimizes system requirements. PROSAR-AIDA can be deployed as an in-house or cloud solution to meet your needs.

PROKEY validation

Efficient and high-performance validation and data entry

PROKEY is the module for validation and manual entry of not yet complete data. It is perfectly matched to PROSAR-AIDA, but it is also suitable for the complete manual entry of data. PROKEY is built according to ergonomic aspects and designed for maximum data entry speed. Distractions are minimized, data can be captured completely via the keyboard without any mouse click. The input speed thus increases considerably.


The software imports the doubtful results from PROSAR-AIDA and displays them on the screen.

The user can correct and complete the data and is supported by a number of helpful functions:

  • Input aids such as input suggestions and context-sensitive notes increase the accuracy and speed.
  • By means of magnifying function, relevant image sections are displayed and enlarged – permanently or only for the current acquisition process.
  • Freely scalable windows improve the overview during correction. Depending on the application and requirements, the user arranges the windows individually to ensure optimal visualization of the necessary information.
  • Comfortable and effective table correction requires a clear visualization of the table structure. PROKEY is optimized for this purpose.
  • Test routines can be individually configured in PROKEY, as well as project- or customer-specific and can be integrated via open interfaces.

Business modules

The functionality of the Capture solutions from Paradatec can be extended by additional special features and modules. These are, for example, for the anonymization of documents, for quality assurance, or for the reading of industry-specific data, such as pharmaceutical central numbers (PZN) and pharmacy numbers.



A team of experienced input management and product specialists supports our customers and partners with the implementation of Paradatec products from conception to production.

Here Paradatec pursues a stringent partner approach. Selected and well-trained integration partners with relevant industry experience are responsible for the overall project, for example for the automation of business processes within the framework of a digitization strategy or for the introduction of a multi-channel input management. Paradatec’s team of experts supports and accompanies the projects in coordination with the client and partner, depending on the needs and the project phase.

Paradatec’s services include:

  • Consulting on input management process design and system architecture
  • Installation and integration into the input management process
  • Configuration of recognition, classification, extraction and validation
  • use of tools for testing, quality assurance and for continuous verification and improvement of the recognition accuracy
  • Product training for customers and partners <LINK on page with training schedules>
  • Product maintenance and support